The composition of a scenario is not the work of mere chance. On the contrary, when we watch a video on the internet, it is possible to notice that the elements that make up the environment usually make some reference to the subject being dealt with.

A well-composed scenario with correct lighting conveys the feeling of professionalism and helps increase the credibility of your content. With that in mind, we brought you some tricks on how to set up your stage to impress your viewers.

Check out 5 tricks to set up your stage

1. Make sure the decoration objects are related to the subject of the video

Putting beautiful and attention-grabbing decorations is important to compose your scenario, but be sure to choose items that relate to the theme of the video, so your followers will be able to easily identify the subjects you will talk about, in addition to recognizing you as someone who likes and dedicates yourself to the topic addressed.

For example, if you are going to talk about cinema, you can put:

- Cassette tapes;

- Frames with famous movie phrases;

- Posters;

- Etc.

However, if your subject is related to the nerd world, bet on:

- “Action figures” of characters;

- Video game controls;

- And even comics and decorative plates.

Leave creativity unleashed!

2. Pay attention to lighting

Good lighting makes all the difference in the quality of your video, but we know that equipment is not always affordable. Therefore, a good tip is to take advantage of natural light.

Look for places favored by it, such as balconies, gardens or even balconies. But if it is not possible to record in these environments, invest in light lines or even illuminated signs that, in addition to brightening the environment, help to compose a beautiful and modern scenario.

And, as soon as possible, invest in a Ring Light. Its price is more affordable than most equipment and the result is very satisfactory.

3. Bet on wallpapers

This is a practical solution for those looking to modify their scenery and add colors or textures to it.

Wallpapers allow versatility, since you can change them whenever you want. Just place them on a support or mobile panel, which can be made of cardboard, styrofoam or craft paper, and fix them so they don't fall off.

4. Sound counts too

Sound is just as important to a video as lighting, and the setting and decorations of your set can directly interfere with it.

In empty spaces, with Few decoration items and few furniture, the tendency of the sound is to reverberate more freely, causing noise in the capture, so it is important to record in crowded places, ensuring that the sound does not create an echo.

5. Prefer smaller spaces

With a tighter frame, it will be easier to get the lighting right. In addition, smaller spaces require fewer decoration objects, making the task of composing your scenery simpler.

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