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Your channel is ready immediately after your registration. If you want to configure your own domain, the deadline is 24 hours for all necessary configurations to be carried out.

The value of each subscription is released for withdrawal (transfer to your bank account) after 15 calendar days when the payment is sended by credit card, and 7 calendar days when the payment is sended by bank slip or debit card. You can follow the available balance, the blocked balance and the release date of each payment in your Central.

You can request the transfer of the Available Balance direct to your bank account, the deadline for the transfer to be carried out is 24 working hours.

There is no limit on storage or content traffic, you can store as many videos as you want and you will not be surprised by your bill.

We charge only 20% of the value of each subscription, for example, if your subscriber pays R$ 50.00 to subscribe to your channel, you will receive R$ 40.00 (80% of the value) net without any other discount. This value already includes the infrastructure to store and distribute your content, in addition to providing service to your subscribers.

You can create access plans in your Central , defining a value and a period that can be, for example: daily, weekly, monthly, bimonthly, half-yearly or annual. The minimum value of the plan must be R$ 15.00

Yes, for both the producer and the subscriber. We follow the PCI Compliance standard for protecting subscriber data and are constantly working to prevent piracy of videos stored by the producer. In addition, our platform is hosted on Amazon AWS and integrated with one of the largest CDNs in the world, ensuring quality and stability in the distribution of your content.