Complaints Policy

Updated: 10/02/2022

This document, intended for Creators, Subscribers and non-users of the Videy platform, defines our complaints policy.

We are plataform Videy Inc, registered in the United States under number 38-4171078, headquartered at 2810 N Church St, PMB 48718 Wilmington, Delaware 19802, subsidiary and operated by the company Onnow Serviços e Activities Online LTDA in Brazil at Av Paulista, 1842 Conj 155 North Tower, São Paulo/SP 01310-945.


You can use this Complaints Policy to alert us to any complaints you have regarding the Videy platform.

How to start a claim

Any complaint you have regarding the Videy’s platform (including hosted content such as videos, photos and any other type of media) should be forwarded to [email protected] including your full name and details of the complaint (with the URL of the page or image of the screen). If you prefer, you may mail your complaint to: 2810 N Church St, PMB 48718 Wilmington, Delaware 19802

How we will deal with copyright infringement

All claims of copyright infringement will be investigated by the responsible team within 48 business hours, if the violation is found, the content will be removed immediately.

Content not authorized by those involved in the images

All content published on the platform is the responsibility of the Creator, in the event of a complaint about illegal or unauthorized content by consensus, a dispute process will be initiated, requiring the Creator to prove through documents, the authorization to use the images of the respective complaint. Failure to send documents proving authorization to use the images will result in the removal of the content within 48 business hours.

Illegal Content

Illegal content that violates the platform's terms of service or that violates any law in any country where we operate will be removed immediately within a maximum period of 48 business hours.

Every complaint will be investigated through actions that we deem necessary. If more information is needed about the complaint, our team will contact you using the data sent in the initial contact. If the claim is rejected, we will notify you through the contact details provided.

Unjustified Complaints

Whether you are a user of the Videy platform or not, you promise to act in good faith and not to use this policy to send complaints without justification or with an abusive purpose. If it is found that the complaint was submitted as an act of bad faith, we will take actions that we deem necessary such as temporary or permanent suspension of your account.