Increasingly, video productions can be done from anywhere. Nowadays, smartphones have excellent image and sound quality, which makes it easier for people to try to produce their own content without such large investments in structure, such as specialized cameras, tripods, etc.

But it is also essential think about editing the video. Therefore, there are also applications specialized in this part, which can be downloaded on cell phones and used by content producers. But how do you know which ones are the best?

Next, we'll present a list of some of the apps that can help when editing.

5 video editor options for your smartphone

Among the options that will be mentioned below, there are some specific to iOS, others that support Android, in addition to those that work on both systems. The fact is that it is important to pay attention to this detail when choosing the best app.

Enlight Videoleap: This application is considered one of Apple's best, working exclusively for iOS . It allows the insertion of effects in the video, placement of soundtracks in the background, transitions to make the production more dynamic, among other features that are essential for the video to be perfect.

GoPro App: as the name implies, this application is interesting for those who record their videos on GoPro cameras, one of the most common among content producers. It allows easy sharing so that editing can be done on the smartphone. It is free, although it is necessary to register on the Go Pro website to be able to change the content through the application. Another difference is the fact that sharing on social networks is one of the simplest. As a result, publishing is faster and the video is more likely to go viral.

VivaVideo: VivaVideo is yet another app available for both iOS and Android. It is considered a great option, with few restrictions. It is possible to place special effects and vignettes, among other features. It is also a tool that facilitates sharing on networks such as Instagram and YouTube, connecting directly to the producer's channel. You can also save as a file in programs like Dropbox. Still, VivaVideo can be considered a more basic editor, without so many advanced options.

iMovie: After mentioning a simpler option, now it's time to talk about iMovie , application offered by Apple. It is possible to create productions with HD image quality, in addition to mixing with ready-made videos that are part of the editing. The codes to change the sound of the production are also advanced, allowing a cleaner quality of audio and visual of the final product.

InShot: To finish our list of 5 apps for editing videos on the smartphone, we have InShot. It is great for those who want to unite photos and videos into a single content, allowing you to resize images, choose between a vertical or horizontal image, among other possibilities. Finally, you can apply zooming in or out effects, the so-called zoom. It is available for Android and iOS.

These are some of the top apps for editing videos on your smartphone. Did you like it? Now, we invite the reader to access our website's blog and browse other content we produce. There, you can find valuable information to further improve your content.