Long live technology! That has been our motto for the last few years. It's amazing how many solutions for live streaming we find today. Until recently, making a live broadcast with quality required a significant investment, currently with an average investment of R$2,500 you buy a camera that turns into up to 9 cameras, you must be wondering what witchcraft is this, calm down and I'll explain in the next paragraphs.

In the not so distant past, you needed several devices, a tangle of wires to be able to broadcast an event with professional quality, I'm not talking about amateur alternatives because in this case a simple usb webcam already did the job, in this case when I talk about professional broadcasts I mean a more robust structure, with video switchers, camcoders, capture interfaces, state-of-the-art computers and lots of cables (a lot).

We are not going to talk in detail about the features of the cameras below because you can easily find many reviews about them on youtube.

1. Mevo

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This camera despite being compact has incredible features, it captures the image with 4K quality, and from that image you can create 9 scenes in HD, through a tablet you make the cuts and transitions. Imagine that you have 3 people in the scene and you need to capture a closer shot of each of these people's faces, and through a tablet you alternate these images whenever a person is talking, with the Mevo camera this is possible and very simple to do. The live broadcast is configured on the tablet itself, where the destination servers can be defined, which can be Facebook, Vimeo, Youtube or an RTMP server. Another very interesting feature (my favorite) is the automatic pan movement where you select a person who is in the scene, and Mevo starts to follow the movements of the selected person. It is worth taking a look! Average price: R$3,500.

2. Zoom Q2n 4k

This camera, from the Zoom brand, makes the best video recorders audio on the market, brings in a single device high quality audio + 4k quality video. It has a USB output so you can plug it into a computer and through software (OBS Broadcaster) make a live broadcast, as well as a micro HDMI output so you can plug it into a switcher or watch your recordings. straight to your TV. This camera is perfect for capturing indoor audio, but if you choose to use an external microphone or capture audio directly from an audio console, just use the P2 input located on the side of the camera. Average price R$2,500.