Video is not just an image, it's audio too! I start this post with a silly sentence at first, but it is the result of watching videos on many channels out there... Producers are more concerned with the 4k quality of their cameras than with the quality of the microphones used to capture audio in recordings.

With the evolution of technology, today it is easy to find different types/brands of professional microphones, it is not difficult to find a model that suits your production and also your pocket. In this post we will mention some models that will certainly make a difference in your productions, we organize each model according to its ideal application:

For you who record with smartphones

Audio Technica ATR 3350

Portable and with an amazing quality, this microphone promises to capture the audio of your recordings with excellent quality. To use with your smartphone, you need to use the adapter that is already included with the product. Average price: BRL 300.00


This device is not easily found in Brazil, but if you're passing through abroad, it's worth bringing this super practical microphone in your luggage that also surprises with its quality. Its practicality is in its wireless connection, that is, without wires.

For you who record with DSLR cameras

Boom Yoga HT 81 Microphone

In closed environments, give preference to Boom (or Shotgun) type microphones, with them you have the freedom to record a conversation with several people using just a single microphone. Widely used in film and TV recordings. Its average price: R$300.00