Famous services, make their materials available via streaming, work through monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or even annual subscriptions, ensuring the loyalty of their audiences. This market moved US$ 38.9 billion in 2019 with an estimated revenue of US$ 87.1 billion until 2024 and you can easily enter this market.

We will explain below what the sites are all about of content subscriptions and how to succeed in this promising market, especially during the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

What is it?

Sites of Content subscriptions, also known as streaming sites, are platforms that offer on-demand products and services to their customers. Platforms such as Netflix and Spotify are famous subscription club companies, as they provide, for a monthly fee, videos and audios on demand to their customers.

Key advantages

Subscription content sites are excellent tools for building loyalty with the public, since marketing works can be specially developed to delight their audiences. The marketing possibilities on streaming sites are numerous and create an intimate feeling between the audience and the company.

It is possible, depending on the company's mold, to determine the value of each customer individually (Lifetime Value, or LTV, a marketing metric aimed at knowing in depth the profile of each consumer).

How build a successful subscription site?

First of all, you need to define what content will be made available on your platform. It is advisable to carry out market research before making any decision. Of course: choose something that you enjoy working on and that your audience (followers) on social media are already used to watching. It will make all the difference, believe me.

Once you have defined the product, it is necessary to determine your target audience and determine prices and plans that will be offered according to your audience.

Produce exclusive content, material that is not available on other platforms. You can use other platforms only to publish excerpts (trailers) directing the user to your website, for example: to watch the full video, access: mysite.com.br.

The ideal is that there are more basic, cheaper options for plans, as a way of testing the target audience and gradually building their loyalty. If they are satisfied with the service, it is very likely that, in the future, they will request longer access packages.

Don't forget the quality of the content, the market is increasingly demanding, and it is essential that the video has good quality (HD resolution), good audio, lighting, etc.

Choose a video platform trust

Although there are several options in the market, not all of them are in fact transparent and reliable with the consumer and the entrepreneur. After all, receiving recurring payments through subscriptions requires the entrepreneur to feel safe to do so.

It is necessary to choose a platform that offers reliable and secure systems for online payments. It is a differential that the platform offers a service for the storage and distribution of videos, photos, in addition to allowing live broadcasts of the latest releases.

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