Having a successful social media channel requires a series of actions that help both in gaining new followers and engaging your audience, such as producing good content, posting frequency, video approaches, among other important points .

But just as important as delivering quality in what you produce is your channel's advertising strategy, especially on social networks. After all, this is the most efficient way to present your work to the public, bring in more followers and interested parties, in addition to gaining relevance in the online environment.

6 tips that will help you promote your channel on social networks

First and foremost, it is important to know your target audience in many ways. To do this, consider defining one or more personas – ideal customer or follower – by gathering certain information, from age, profession, social networks they use the most, to consumption habits, lifestyle, among other things.

With this base, you can create a marketing strategy that communicates directly with your persona and generates more engagement on your channel.

When you decide to use social media, keep in mind that you need to have a profile at least on the main networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and, depending on your industry, LinkedIn. So, every time you post some new content, social networks will be your main means of dissemination.

It is worth mentioning the importance of sharing these posts on your personal profile as well. Thus, your contacts or followers will be able to start interacting with the page and, in turn, also share with your network of relationships.

In this context, test different post formats, always paying attention to the maxim that each social network requires a type of approach, and this is yet another reason for you to avoid replicating the same message in all media . Customize the content on each network and show your follower that your pages are worth following on every possible channel.

Still in this regard, consider investing in teasers, a term that comes from tease, which means to provoke in English, referring to the effect of "bait" for your audience. This technique consists of giving a preview of your content, which can be through a simple and short video, but that shows enough to instigate your audience and lead them to see more on your channel.

In addition, you can still try to close outreach partnerships with influencers, professionals in the area or companies that have a strong digital presence, in order to further extend your audience reach. Solid partnerships can be an excellent catalyst to boost your channel numbers, sometimes just a single influencer indication for that to happen.

And finally, a tip that can make all the difference is to participate in discussion forums on social networks, quite common on Facebook, for example. There are groups that discuss or talk about the most varied topics and there are certainly options for your area.

However, be careful not to become that profile that is only on the forum to promote its content. Contribute responses that convey information of interest or complement other people's responses in a relevant way.

This way, you are more likely to engage with the public and find opportunities to spread your link without seeming inconvenient. Another advantage of this tactic is that your link is exposed to other community members, who can access it at any time.

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